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We make sure that your information gets to your readers in a professional way and faster than you would expect.

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webCMC standard

The main purpose of this service is to add or edit the content on client's website. The informations provided by client can be in any form (email, phone, fax, instant messaging, ftp) and any format (text:doc,ftf,odt,pdf, graphics: jpg,tif,bmp and others). We'll change the given content (text, photographs, videos) to the formats and standards supported by client's web service as well as we'll place it on the site within a specific period of time.


(addition to webCMC standard)

Service for writing texts about the topic given by the client based on a knowledge of "dry" informations and a raw description of the event. The methods of how to pass over the informations are the same as above.


(addition to webCMC standard)

This service is based on advices and co-operation with client in relation to the content and format of the informations that should appear on the client's website or other media, such as local websites, newspaper, etc.

www service

(addition to webCMC standard)

This service is based on technical changes called upgrades. In case the client does not have or would like to create a new web service we'll develop, create and maintain it.

graphic package

(addition to webCMC standard)


video/photo session

(addition to webCMC standard)

Service based on implementation of the agreed amount of video or photo sessions on topics chosen by the client such as: important events that take place in the city or county, public events, etc.